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Castles and their legends

Legends connected with castles from diferent countries translated into English, Czech, Spanish, Slovak,  Polish and other languages by pupils.


1) Jaume el Conquired - James I, Spain

2) Legends about The Little Red Dwarf from Ostrava, the Czech Republic

3) The legend about a bat who saved king James I army in Valencia, Spain

4) The legend about the bad king who must watch Alicante forever, Spain

5) Legend about Gorki Sleskie, Poland

6) The legend about Bratislava princess who fell in love with the enemy, Slovakia

7) The legend about the Lovers´ well in Trencin castle, Slovakia

8) The legend about women war in Prievidza against Bojnice castle lords, Slovakia

9) The legend about a white eagle and Bratislava castle lord, Slovakia

10) The legend about the devil´s portrait at Bratislava townhall, Slovakia

11) The legend about the mighty leap of Horymir and his horse Semik from Vysehrad, the Czech Republic

12) The Legend about Stramberk ears and the recipe, the Czech republic

13) The legend about Chropyne and boy Jecminek, the Czech republic

14) The legend about the Faust´s house in Prague, the Czech Republic

15) The legends about castle Helfštýn, the Czech Republic

16) The legend about white lady Perchta from Rožberk castle, the Czech Republic

17) The legend about white lady from castle in Jindřichův Hradec, the Czech Republic

18) The legends about castle Loket, the Czech Republic

19) The Prague legend about rabi Löw and his Golem, the Czech Republic

20) The legend about treasure in Radhošť and orphant, the Czech Republic

21) The legend about the devil´s mill at Radhošť, the Czech Republic

22) The legend about Black lady from Michalska tower in Bratislava, Slovak

23) The legend about town Banská Štiavnica and a naughty girl Barbora, Slovak

24)The legend about peacocks who saved town Kremnica from a Turkey raid, Slovak

25) The legend about a wicked castle builder, Slovak

26) The legend about a miser Grünbaum from Zvolen area, Slovak

27) The legend about the castle for the clownn who killed a bear, Slovak 

28) The punishing well in Bratislava, Slovak

29) The ducks´ fountain in Bratislava, Slovak

30) The legend about knight Juraj who saved a girl from a drake, Slovak

31)  The legend about a boy and an eagle who saved Bratislava from Turks, Slovak

32) The legend about a dancing waterman who changed into a horse with green mane, Slovak

33) The legend about smart shephard Matej who answered all king´s questions, Slovak

34) The legend about the frog´s well who married an orphant, Slovak

35) The legend about devil´s furrow and brothers quarelling about herritage, Slovak

36) The legend about a sword burried by king Svatopluk under Zobor, Slovak




A cursed monl

29. 3. 2012


The burried sword under Zobor

4. 3. 2012

A legend about king Svatopluk who decided enter a monastyr and burried his sword and crown under Zobor.


Devil´s furrow

4. 3. 2012

A legend about two brothers and the herritage. One brother gets advice from his friend Zuzana to kill his brother Peter. But Zuzana dies and a devil takes into the hell. Brothers see it and reconcile.


A legend about a frog´s well

4. 3. 2012

A frog helps a girl orphant at a well and later he marries her.


A legend about smart shephard Matej and the king

4. 3. 2012

A king comes to smart shephard Matej. He has many questions and shephard gives mu smart answers.


A legend about a waterman who changed into a horse with green mane

4. 3. 2012

This legend is about a waterman who loved dancing. He danced with women going to market. The men did not like it and caught. The waserman changed into a horse with green mane.


A legend about a boy and an eagle saving Bratislava from Turks

4. 3. 2012

A young man goes brings food to Bratislava when it is sieged by Turks. When the Turks almost catches and eagle comes and throws the Turks into the river.


A legend about knight Juraj who saved a girl from the dragon

4. 3. 2012

This legend explains the origin of town St Jur located near Bratislava. A knight Juraj saved the dukes daughter from a dragon. A fountain in the Bratislava castle commemorates his deed.


The Ducks´fountain in Bratislava

3. 3. 2012

A legend from Bratislava about a waterman who punished cheeky boys. He changed them and their ducks into stones. This legend reminds a fountain with statues of those boys and their ducks.


The punishing well in Bratislava

3. 3. 2012

Information on different ways of punishing of quarrelling women or cheating bakers from Bratislava history, Slovakia,