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The legend about a bat who saved king James I army

19. 11. 2011

Legend about the origin of the bat who is in the Valencia arms of coat 

Legend has it that King Jaume I (this is the Castilian name of the king James I) was encamped on the outskirts of Valencia in his attempt to get the control of the city from the Moors. The city was besieged by the troops of Catalonia and Aragon. One night the Christian army was sleeping, calm and confident. Suddenly a guard heard a strange sound in the vicinity near the king´s tent. The soldier who heard the mysterious noise ran to wake the king. The king immediately gave his Army orders to be in alert and watchful.
Then someone discovered that the Moorish army was very near the camp, launching a surprise attack against the troops of Jaume I. Quickly, the soldiers took up their arms to fight the Moorish army. The fighting was terrible and many Moors were killed in the battle. They were forced to retreat. Their surprise attack, almost in the last moment was rejected.
At the end of the battle, the king wanted to know the origin of the mysterious sound that had warned the Christian army. They discovered that it was a bat. The bat caught itself in a drum net and it was knocking its wings against some weapons. This was the cause of the mysterious noise they heard in the middle of the night. In gratitude to the bat, Jaume I put the bat in the top of the shield of the city of Valencia.





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